Talent Match

On Demand Remote Talent

Gain access to our large network of our curated (pre-vetted) experts who have earned their marks in their fields. Professionals with not just the skill and experience that is required but also with great work ethic. Save yourself the doubt, the time and the money of having to find out these talents yourself; we already know who they are!


Project Based Team

Your project is in good hands, we`ll take care from A to Z. As a matter of fact only our top tech experts and software engineers will be engaged in you short or long term projects. Define your project, its scope and its timeline and we’ll provide the teams to execute. Request a quote and get feedback from us in 24 hours.

How it works

Tell us about your project

Speak to any of our experienced specialists/consultants who are great listeners that will help us understand your project, its scope, its skill set requirements and its expected delivery schedules. Once we commit to an agreed Project delivery schedule and timeline, we’re sure to meet up with the agreed timeline

Evaluate the hand selected talent

Get to assess our selected experts for the projects and see if they match your unique project requirements. Confirm that the skillset and experience that is required for the project is reflected in the selected team. You also get to monitor the project team and speak to them whenever you want while they’re working on your project.

Onboarding and start

What’s more to wait for? We are keen on helping our clients ensure that their projects are delivered on time, on schedule and as expected.

Complete the project
Native IOS & Android
Angular JS
Node JS
Ruby on Rails
React Js
Vue Js
Ui & Ux
Mobile Design
Product Design


Do we sign a NDA?

Yes we do. NDA stands for “Non-Disclosure Agreement”. It’s a document that essentially makes sure that all your project secrets are kept secret without any fear of divulgence to third parties before, during or after the project is completed.

What skills do we provide?

We cover the full range of tech related skills, from web design, to software development to project management etc. Let us know what you need and we’ll find the perfect match for you.

Which are the seniority levels of the developers?

We hunt for only the best, meaning professionals with the right type and years of experience. All our developers are senior level developers

What kind of clients use Uptalen?

From early stage startups to large corporate organizations that understand the need to hire very quickly, a highly skilled, flexible and experienced team to help execute projects in today’s work environment. Essentially, entrepreneurs and employees who would rather outsource the process of finding the right talent for a job and focus on their core business mandate in order to improve overall efficiency of the organization.

Where are the talents located?

Our operations are rooted in Bucharest Europe, however reach and pool of experts span across all of Europe.

How does invoicing works?

Invoices are usually issued once a month, invoicing term is 15 days. There are no hidden charges anywhere.

What methods of payment do you accept?

You can process your payments using any of major credit cards available.

What is the trial period?

You will be given a time period of two weeks within which you will be expected to assess the skillset of your new project team and request any adjustments or change to the team’s composition; and

How long does it usually take until I get started?

This depends on your project requirements and specific project requests but it usually takes about 10 days from the time you debrief our team of consultants with details of your project to come up with a project team for the job.

Geographic areas served ?

USA & Europe

We already have an inhouse team of recruiters. Why do we need Uptalen?

Although you already have an in-house recruiter, Uptalen can provide additional expertise to support your team's growth.